Landmark Group – RNA Coldstore Distribution Center

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Landmark Group – RNA Coldstore Distribution Center

Landmark warehouse and cold store 3D video
Image of a map stating the words Plot Area 137,000 square meters. The image is for the plot of land that will be used to construction landmark group's new cold storage and distribution logistics

It is situated on an area of 137,000 square meters and will serve as a cold storage center and distribution center for Landmark group, RNA.

The image is of a map that reads the words Built up area 42,000 square meters. This is an image of a plot of land that will house the new landmark group development of cold stores and temperature controlled stores.

Built-up area for this project is approximately 42,000 square meters. The project includes several cold rooms, a temperature-controlled warehouse, an ammonia plant room, and a link bridge.

Image shows a wireframe diagram of the landmark group warehouse. Mainly a model showing a steel structure.

The image depicts the steel skeleton of a building in 3D.


The image shows two mobile cranes hoisting an assembled steel link bridge for the landmark group cold storage warehouse in jebel ali.

A steel link bridge connects the security entry gates to the main warehouse building. Because the steel building connects itself to the main structure, its construction sequence is a bit more complicated and happens after the main building has been erected.